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BankWORKS Processing Performance Beyond Expectations

Frankfurt and Dublin, 10, October, 2016— Payments processor RS2 Software plc has announced a partnership with Alpha Payments Cloud, a global leader in providing access to payment, risk and commerce solutions to international banks and merchants. The partnership provides banks in Thailand with access to multiple financial and non-financial services through a single integration. This helps them to cut the costs and complexity of back-office integration, and increase functionality and customisation.



Thailand’s e-commerce market is on track to be one of Asia’s top performers with double-digit growth expected over the next five years[1]. However a robust infrastructure, allowing banks to quickly, easily and cost-effectively provide services across the entire transaction lifecycle lies at the heart of this growth. “The partnership between RS2 and Alpha Payments Cloud provides Thai banks and payment service providers with a one-stop-shop omni-channel solution,” said RadiAbd El Haj – CEO, RS2.

“RS2 is unusual in offering global, multi-currency acquiring across all regions via a single platform. The AlphaHub from Alpha Payments Cloud also cuts complexity and speeds up access to payment, risk and commerce functionality. The combination of our agile and functionally-rich propositions enables banks to offer highly bespoke solutions relevant to their domestic markets. This is critical in Asia due to the variety of local requirements and customisations,” continues Oliver Rajic – CEO,

Alpha Payments Cloud

The services available as part of this one-stop-shop include global acquiring, transaction routing and switching, AML, KYC, fraud prevention and loyalty, among others. It draws on the BankWORKS® processing software from RS2, which enables merchants to accept a wide range of international, domestic and alternative payment types in more than 100 currencies.

“Alpha Payments Cloud is all about helping companies access innovation. We believe in eliminating integration friction and standardising data to simplify access via our enterprise app platform. We are delighted to be partnering with a proven global technology provider so aligned with our vision. We look forward to delivering solutions together that help our customers differentiate themselves for real competitive advantage,” said Oliver Rajic – CEO, Alpha Payments Cloud.

About RS2

RS2 Software plc is the publicly-listed company behind the BankWORKS® payment processing software used by major banks, payment service providers and other financial institutions.

Established in 1988, RS2 Software plc has continually focused on developing and implementing highly scalable, reliable and flexible card payment processing solutions. As an industry-leading, end-to-end solution provider for card acquiring, card issuing and ATM services, we support all aspects of authorisation and message switching, transaction routing, domestic and international clearing. Full multi-currency facilities in more than 120 currencies are available for the cross-border clearing and settlement of payments.

BankWORKS® is the transaction processing power behind some of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing payment companies. It is deployed by more than 100 banks, payment processors and financial institutions around the world.

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About Alpha Payments Cloud

Alpha Payments Cloud is a global leader in providing third party payment, risk and commerce solution access to international banks and merchants through the AlphaHub platform. The AlphaHub is a single payments-as-a-service platform that allows payment providers to plug into and expose their solutions, banks and other financial institutions to access and sell these solutions, and merchants to gain access to use and customise between available solutions. With all integrations accessible through a single API, Alpha Payments Cloud eliminates restrictions and friction caused by legacy platforms, and introduces the possibility of infinite third-party vendor access.

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Alpha Payments Cloud

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[1] E-commerce revenue in Thailand is estimated at US$2,450m in 2016, according to Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2016-2021) of 16.7 percent resulting in a market volume of US$5,307m in 2021.




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