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April 17th, 2023


RS2 says that Iceland’s most innovative bank, Landsbankinn, has launched its own merchant acquiring services using RS2’s payments processing platform.

RS2 bring merchant acquiring to Iceland

Landsbankinn business customers can now concentrate all their payment services in one place, resulting in significantly increased efficiency and with full visibility of transactions.

Landsbankinn’s acquiring service accepts payments using POS devices and e-commerce platforms, supports both Apple Pay and Google Pay, and offers more secure billing windows and convenient billing periods.

The integration of the POS network and payment gateways with online services on the RS2 Platform creates opportunities for Landsbankinn to connect benefit systems, enhancing customer loyalty, and improving the overall customer experience with streamlined and simplified operations.

“This is the first time in Iceland that merchants have been offered a solution that supports the integration of point-of-sale devices and ecommerce platforms,” says Ragnar Einarsson, Head of Acquiring Services at Landsbankinn.

“This is a revolutionary service for our customers who rely on payment card transactions both in the online and offline markets. The system allows merchants to boost customer loyalty while at the same time taking advantage of the Bank’s B2B connections to automate merchants’ book-keeping systems.”

“We are delighted to have worked with such an innovative company and are excited as we join Landsbankinn on the next phase of our partnership. We look forward to supporting Landsbankinn’s future merchant acquiring services and broader payment strategy as we continue to focus on delivering next generation payment processing solutions,” said Gideon Fourie, Chief Commercial Officer of the RS2 Group.