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RS2 and ACI

RS2 and ACI  have joined forces to offer a comprehensive payment platform solution for acquirers and issuers in the Brazilian market. The integrated solutions empower rapid deployment of new business opportunities, leveraging cloud infrastructure and streamlined API-driven connections.

Brazil's Payment Market Needs

The market in Brazil is primarily driven by the growing demand for real-time, secure, and innovative payment solutions. The constantly evolving demands of customers to pay when, where and how they choose require innovation and financial agility from issuers and acquirers.

  • Acquirers are looking for a modern SaaS solution – a certified platform that seamlessly integrates with local card schemes, complies with regulatory standards, provides advanced fraud and payments intelligence, and enables the quick launch of new products and services through cloud-based, API-driven capabilities.


  • Issuers and processors face the challenge of unifying platforms for various card types, including debit, credit, and pre-paid cards, while delivering sophisticated fraud prevention measures, as consumers seek the flexibility to make payments when, where, and how they prefer, driving the need for a single, secure, and adaptable payment issuing platform.

Partnership Overview

To address these industry needs, RS2 and ACI Worldwide have joined forces to introduce a comprehensive solution that serves both acquirers and issuers, streamlining the payment process and enhancing the customer experience.


The combined new cloud-enabled technology platform enables merchants, banks and payment service providers to launch new products and services efficiently using configuration portals that integrate seamlessly to third-party platforms, orchestrating the entire payments ecosystem within the client environment, making the platform secure, reducing operational costs and ultimately increasing revenues. It is supported by ACI Fraud Management and Payments Intelligence, offering customers real-time enterprise fraud management capabilities, including advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and expertly defined rules to combat the growing threat of fraud. The platform is certified for Brazil and meets all local regulatory requirements, including PCI, and local card scheme standards.

Partnership Benefits

As businesses continue to embrace cloud-based solutions, the demand for SaaS offerings remains high. Similarly, payment companies operating within the financial ecosystem require comprehensive solutions that cover the entire value chain.

Together RS2 and ACI Worldwide provide a unified and consolidated solution for acquirers and issuers offering the following benefits:



  • Managed service for all payment methods: Our single platform seamlessly combines all payment methods, streamlining the experience for acquirers and providing competitive fees.

  • Cloud-based, multi-tenant solution: The fully automated platform ensures scalability and efficiency.

  • Compliance excellence: The solution rapidly adopts and consistently adheres to the latest compliance regulations.

  • Market-ready certification: Our solution is out-of-the-box certified for market-readiness emphasizing speed to market.

  • Fully managed solution: The solution handles hosting, connectivity to card schemes, certification, security, and technical operations, allowing acquirers to focus on running the business and serving merchants.

  • Advanced security and analytics: Combined advanced fraud protection, payment intelligence, and predictive analytics enhance transaction security and anticipate risk.


  • Single consolidated platform: A unified platform caters to all card types and payment methods, enhancing service flexibility and security.

  • Enhanced service offering: The solution delivers superior customer service, diverse payment options, and robust fraud protection.

  • Operational benefits: Consolidating multiple issuing platforms streamlines operations and enriches the cardholder experience.

  • Comprehensive solution: Retailers and issuer banks gain an all-in-one solution for efficiently managing cards and loyalty programs.

  • Advanced security and analytics: Combined advanced fraud protection, payment intelligence, and predictive analytics enhance transaction security and anticipate risk.

“We are delighted to join forces with RS2 and bring a sophisticated, end-to-end issuing and acquiring solution to the Brazilian market. Our combined new solution will be a game changer for the Brazilian market. It will enable our customers to drive business growth through a modern and flexible solution, and to take advantage of new revenue opportunities of launching new products and services.”

Vlademir Santos

Head of Brazil, ACI Worldwide

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