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RS2 for developers provides a set of API to facilitate interaction and integration with our software and processing solutions. This allows organizations to provide seamless payment experiences for their customers. A myriad of systems can be integrated including workflow, CRM, financial, and decision support systems.

We are constantly reviewing and augmenting the services provided through our API to provide an unrivaled suite of API for integration and development needs.

RS2 platform API

Run and manage payments

The RS2 API is built on cutting-edge technologies and standards such as JSON and REST. Our API is designed with simplicity in mind and makes use of predictable resource-oriented URLs, and uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication. The RS2 web services API support both C# and Java applications.

We offer two suites of API for the developers:

RS2 Issuing

Issuing clients can activate cards, change card status, self-select PIN and perform a selection
of reporting options.

Card Management

Using the Card Alias the Card Management API Resources allow users to manipulate the cards
statuses / operations:

  • activate / unblock
  • temp suspend
  • perm block
  • pickup lost
  • pickup stolen
  • replacement of current card
  • re-issue of current card
  • change pin

Cardholder Management

Using the Card Alias or the persons ID Number the API resources will allow
cardholder information retrieval and amendments.

  • basic cardholder information
  • addresses

RS2 Acquiring

Acquiring clients can onboard merchants, perform authorizations, and gain access to merchant setup and transaction retrieval.

Merchant Boarding

The merchant boarding Web service APIs provide boarding capabilities for approved merchants. API support includes merchant setup with a profile that is used to help track their payment transactions. Each merchant is assigned a location within a group to create a unique identity. The system is highly flexible for multiple merchants that are related and can be organized hierarchically. Merchants can be boarded either directly to process their payments, or through a gateway.

Payment Processing

The payment processing Web service API provides services to run payments. API support includes payment authorization through common card brands and alternative payment options, including credit and debit transactions using VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. Card present transactions, mobile wallets, and other alternative payment options are available with support for both contactless and EMV verification.


The reporting Web service API is one of the most powerful and unique APIs available. Payment transactions can be accessed in transactional datasets by merchant location, groups, or other profile sets to get the dataset required. Results can be used for reporting, measuring, monitoring, and billing as may be required in the application.


In the event that a chargeback occurs, RS2 offers a Web services API. Multiple chargeback transaction types are available to help manage and service these transactions.

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RS2 merchant API

Our single unified RESTful API

Merchants are increasingly looking for ways to both manage their costs and optimize their businesses. Understanding this need, we are empowering merchants to stay ahead of the game and effectively manage their resources through the introduction of innovative solutions. Utilize our merchant service developer portal to tailor your journey and maximize conversion.


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