Our Payment Solutions have been designed around an open framework which enables RS2 to customise and tailor our offerings to your unique business requirements.

Whether you are a bank rejuvenating a complete traditional payments infrastructure or a specific targeted business focusing on servicing a niche market, we have the ability to deliver a solution to you. Our more specialised customer solutions include; Pre-pay systems, Loyalty and Gift Card systems, Internet PSP, Installment and Loan facilities, E-Wallets, Settlement & Reconciliation solutions. These may all seem different products but using RS2 BankWORKS these solutions can all be built from standard functionality from our modular architecture and design.With over 25 years of experience we have developed a way of working with our customers that ensures we deliver payment solutions which cater for our clients needs today and in the future.As the Payments Industry continues to evolve we build more power into our BankWORKS product line. We learnt a long time ago to build flexibility into our offerings as we know we cannot predict all the future permutations that our customers will need. Our highly versatile architecture and parameterisation opens the maximum probability our existing system can deliver to future needs.