Highly parameterised, RS2 BankWORKS® Issuing provides complete, automated application and credit scoring processing feature to support all the information required to set up new private and corporate clients contracts and to issue new cards/account card products. It handles the issuance of new cards, renewals, and re-issues. The workflow for the processing of applications may be standard or customized.

Client information is securely stored in a central client information database and agreements between the organisation and its clients can be easily created and maintained.

Product development and maintenance are parameter-driven. Flexible price structures are provided for account, transaction, and service fee capability and can be applied at any level within the hierarchy.

A state-of-the-art API is provided for automated cardholder onboarding and creation of client accounts, addresses, limits, card types, hierarchy, etc.

  • A complete, automated Application Processing feature supporting all information required to set up private and corporate clients, contracts, and issue of card products.
  • Supports both individually keyed applications and mass-application entries, and validation through periodic file transfer from partners and agencies.
  • Full track information supporting the approval and declined process.
  • Standard or customised workflow to process applications securely and efficiently.
  • Supports facility to create interfaces to local credit agencies or credit scoring.