Loyalty and

Loyalty and Rewards

Drive loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle with dynamic rewards programs that target and engage your customers. The BankWORKS® Loyalty Solution creates incremental value by enhancing customer relationships through loyalty programs and advanced customer relationship management practices.

BankWORKS® Loyalty Solution offers you many opportunities for loyalty reward programs in relation to both financial and non-financial cards and payments, including loyalty combined with international or private label cards, credit, charge or debit cards, or pure loyalty cards. All facilities and loyalty program terms and conditions are incorporated in the BankWORKS® Business Rules and Service Contract Management System where all parameters for rewards programs are defined. An important factor for loyalty program success is the ability to offer tailored rewards for each customer segment dependent on customer turnover. BankWORKS® Loyalty Solution meets these requirements and gives you opportunities to define an unlimited number of reward programs for each customer segment within a single product. Rewards can be offered as a simple bonus or tiered based on customer turnover. Special offer marketing campaigns can easily be introduced to offer added incentives e.g. double bonus for specific periods or specific merchants. Increase your revenue, create stickier customer relationships and help your merchants unlock the potential of every customer beyond the sale.