Instant Issuing

Instant Issuing

BankWORKS® Instant Issuing solution enables you to immediately issue physical and virtual credit debit cards on-site and on-demand.  

Physical cards, such as ATM, debit, credit, gift, contactless, and EMV® for new account holders can be customized to the brand of your business or instantly replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged cards. You have secure access to card data allowing you to block, close, change, and limit cards.

You can also instantly issue single or multi-use virtual cards. The solution generates a virtual card number, and your customers can make card payments anywhere on-line or in-store right away by loading their virtual card into their mobile wallet.

The system can also be integrated into the core banking system either directly or through a middleware. It allows the user to deal with ONE SYSTEM/ONE LOGON. The module also integrates with hardware security modules to ensure secure production of PIN and the encryption and decryption of card data.

RS2 BankWORKS® Instant Issuing delivers an incremental revenue impact for your card program while adding value by increasing consumer satisfaction:

  • increases activation rates
  • drives more card usage
  • capture interchange revenues
  • minimize the risk of card interception and fraud
  • eliminate costs
  • replace lost cards can be replaced faster
  • create new payment product using our APIs