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BankWORKS® Merchant Portal provides one single view of merchants bringing together all merchant data into one single source of detailed merchant insight. It provides you an overview of transactions, chargebacks, and other data activity. You can easily access reports, statistics, and other information in real-time. You can select transactions, produce a revenue overview, view statistics and graphical presentation of your turnover. Internet banking security is optimised by using a User Authentication Service and a Security Key.

BankWORKS® Partner Portal is a tool that allows partners, sales agents, brokers, ISOs and ISVs to access information related to their commission, sales volumes, chargebacks, payments, ticketing, reporting, and authorization through one single view. The merchant selector allows for a partner to access single merchant or any level of merchant hierarchy. The partner will be able to access information related to their commission generated on their merchant portfolio.

  • Single sign-on application to simplify identity with secure, one-click access for assigned users
  • Easy and instant access to transactional data and analytics of your business
  • Enriched dashboard to visualize transactions volume and activities
  • User-friendly tools to generate reports
  • Enabling data-driven business decisions

Merchant Portal