Clearing &

Clearing & Settlement

Clearing & Settlement are integral elements of the payment transaction cycle. BankWORKS® Clearing & Settlement solution is reliable, highly flexible, and scalable to your needs and can be used as stand-alone that can be easily plugged into your existing systems. It simply means that you can enhance your clearing and settlement performance without having to implement system changes. It is both a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows unlimited trading, settlement, and billing currencies. Our solution enables you to simplfy and streamline your clearing and settlement process, from data validation to interchange rate qualification, rejects, merchant funding, billing and reporting. Its powerful interchange tool allows you to calculate the best interchange rates  while ensuring that transactions qualify for the expected rate, leading to maximum cost savings for interchange fees.  

  • Highly parameterised allowing customised configuration
  • All card schemes clearing formats are supported
  • Global compliance of Interchange rates
  • Increasing profitability