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    The Payments Software of Choice

RS2’s BankWORKS® – the driving force behind transactions

Leading omnichannel payment software of choice

Manage complexity and remove unwanted boundaries from your payments technology. At RS2, we embrace complexity as a puzzle to solve. It is our mission to transform the challenges of platform fragmentation, regulatory requirements, data encryption and security, fraud protection, multiple currencies and languages, payment methods, and POS devices into a simple, elegant approach to global commerce. Our end-to-end acquiring and issuing solutions are developed in-house and cover all areas of payment, including card issuance, merchant acquiring, clearing and settlement, online switching and authorization, PIN management, customer service, e-commerce and dispute and fraud management. Set up your payment ecosystem rapidly and cost-effectively by configuring only those products and modules required for your business.

Highly performance

Robust 99.99% availability and high-performance engine

One global platform

Global state-of-the-art solution and global coverage, instant and real-time payments


Cloud-based solution linearly scalable with no lead time for infrastructure upgrade


True omnichannel covering all payment sources (online, offline, mobile)


Single platform with single API integration – one source code for SMEs and large enterprises

Flexibly configurable

Configurable by client, region, currency, business type, and channel

Customer experience

High integration over the payment value chain enables superior customer support

Value added services

DCC, MCA, installments, reporting, merchant and partner portal, global reconciliation and FX


  • Integrated modular structure
  • Quick-to-market
  • Cost-efficient open architecture
  • Scalable to business growth
  • Supporting all card schemes
  • Supporting multiple institutions, currencies, languages
  • Integrate with complex environments, even cryptocurrencies
  • Create and roll out new innovations without building additional complex integrations
  • Offer new solutions on the same platform
  • Flexible pricing at multiple/merchants level
  • Consolidated reporting

Acquiring Software Solutions

Enabling choice, flexibility and efficiency

Let your customers pay quickly and securely using any payment method of their choice, and experience the same customer satisfaction with every touch point.


Issuing Software Solutions

A fully diverse solution designed by issuers for issuers

Meet your customers’ needs and expectations with our flexible Issuing Solution that provides virtually unlimited issuing configurations for them.


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RS2 platform APIs

The RS2 API is built on cutting-edge technologies and standards such as JSON and REST. Our API is designed with simplicity in mind and makes use of predictable resource-oriented URLs, and uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication. The RS2 web services APIs support both C# and Java applications.


RS2 API by developers for developers

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