Card / PIN
and Controls

Card / PIN Management and Controls

Our Issuing Processing Solution provides you numerous card management functions. These include the management of card issuers, card programs, configuration of cards and accounts, card production, and card audit trails. You can manage the full life cycle of card issuing including total control at the cardholder level. A scripting engine for EMV provides you with full post-issuance update capabilities. This allows cards that are already in circulation to be updated. Various HSM providers are supported.

Configure your settings of many parameters and procedures for authorizations through our Card/PIN management options and controls. Card parameters are determined on the product level, but a cardholder can configure his card parameter to block and unblock currencies, merchant category codes, country codes, etc., temporarily or permanently. In the case of corporate or private hierarchy, these parameters can be applied at the department level, cardholder level, or at member level respectively.

  • Parameter-driven authorization set-up
  • Different account credit limit structures – shared and allocated
  • Spending limits
  • Transaction limits
  • Velocity checking and MCC blocking
  • Stand-in processing
  • Manual authorization
  • Override categories
  • Override percentage
  • Review periods
  • Fraud prevention
  • Hot card files
  • Usage allocation
  • Enforce PIN change on activation
  • Activation of card through first PIN-based contact authorization
  • PIN selection on first transaction targeted for prepaid cards
  • Contactless accumulator
  • Security feature for contactless cards to have first transaction PIN-based

Instant instruction-based changes on the card status with immediate effect on the authorization process is standard.