Onboarding Services

Our fully digitalized onboarding services provide you through innovative workflows with an entirely automated client onboarding.

  • Qualified/approved client is triggered through APIs and boarded automatically into the back office and front end 
  • Automated generation of merchant identification numbers
  • Terminal setup and configuration 
  • Automated shipment of devices
  • Automated assignment of acquiring service packages based on risk profile and type of business
  • Customized merchant pricing at product/merchant level 
    • Flexible merchant commission and charge packages
    • Tiered pricing 
    • Blended, Interchange+, Interchange++
  • FX and conversion services at product/customer level
  • Merchant accounting  
    • Multisettlement
    • Rolling reserve settlement
    • Transaction-based settlement
  • Installments, anticipated payments
  • Merchant activity and fraud reporting
  • Consolidated merchant statements and invoices