Stationary retail

Additional services for our customers

Offer that certain, very special extra service: With our additional functions, you can let allow your international customers to pay using their home currency, pay contactless, or by smartphone. You can also reserve larger amounts quickly and easily on your customers’ credit cards. Our terminals do this automatically for you.

Pay contactless

Less waiting time – more turnover

Contactless payment means faster checkout of card payments, less waiting time, and therefore more satisfied customers. Simply present your card, smartphone, or smartwatch – that’s it! Especially for smaller amounts up to €50 this is very comfortable. Your customer does not have to sign or enter his/her PIN. At the same time, payment via NFC (near field communication) is very secure and subject to the high PCI-DSS security standards.

Currency conversion

Choose from 120 foreign currencies

As a hotel, owner of a restaurant, or online retailer, you often have customers from abroad. With DCC (dynamic currency conversion), the automatic currency conversion, you enable your customers to pay in their local currency at the touch of a button. This works just as easily with our local terminals as with our e-commerce solutions, and it is a great service for your customers.

Reserve money

Pre-booking, automatic payment later

Customers who book a hotel room or reserve a rental car rarely want to pay in advance. As an entrepreneur, however, you want security. Thanks to our reservation function, this is not a problem: The outstanding amount is simply authorized on the customer’s credit card – on-site, by phone, or online. This way you are on the safe side – and your customer doesn’t have to pay in advance. Just add the reservation function to the terminal and get started!