Own online shop

Sell your products and services on an individually designed website - you can easily build it yourself with our solution. Offer a variety of products or services, describe them with text and images. Send your shop URL directly to your customers or integrate it into the website. The online shop can be used immediately, even if you do not have your own website.

Payment link

Send a payment request by email, SMS, WhatsApp etc . Your customers will be directed to an individual payment page and can pay immediately. The Paylink is a simple way to let your customer pay directly via the link. This can be generated and sent within a few minutes. By clicking on the Paylink, your customers will be taken to your retailer-specific payment page, where they can select the payment method they prefer.

Digital invoicing

Send digital invoices within minutes and thus save a large part of your process costs. Optionally, you can automatically send payment reminders with and without additional fees for late payments. Thanks to the modern way of sending invoices, much of the manual work is eliminated. This way you can increase efficiency significantly and your customers receive their invoices faster. This means that you too receive your money immediately.

Pay by QR code

QR Pay connects the offline with the online world in one simple step. With the QR Pay Tool, you can easily ask your customers to pay with their preferred payment method. No special infrastructure or application is necessary. By scanning the QR code, the customer gets directly to his chosen payment function. The QR Pay Tool can be used online or offline. Use the tool online by integrating the QR code into your website or offline by printing and hanging a QR poster and using it as an analog portal to the digital world (e.g. window shopping). 

Virtual terminal

Process orders that you receive by phone, post, fax or email. For credit card payments, enter the details your customer gave on the phone. This allows you to book the full amount, collect a partial amount or just reserve an amount on your customer's card account.

White label

Integrate our solution as a white label, with your individual branding and open different merchant accounts. Your merchants can receive payments quickly and easily using the various e-commerce tools.

Subscriptions / Recurring Payments

You can collect membership fees or other recurring payments such as fitness subscriptions at regular interval. With subscription payments, your customers regularly receive the predetermined payment request by email including a paylink.


Prevent fraud and chargebacks thanks to 3D Secure 2. With the 3D Secure 2. procedure and strong customer authentication, RS2 Shop and Pay offers the greatest possible level of security without affecting the payment process for buyers.

RS2 Shop and Pay is PCI-DSS certified and meets all the strict requirements of Level 1. This means that we are authorized and qualified to process all types of credit card processing.


With our simple RestFul API you can connect your IT environment (merchandise management, individual shop systems, etc.) quickly and easily. You can find more information in our Developer Hub.

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