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FAQ - RS2 Shop & Pay

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Many questions can be quickly resolved. Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If your question isn't there, no problem! Give us a call or send us an email.

  • How do I get started with RS2 Shop and Pay?

    register or log in

    Get started with RS2 Shop & Pay by registering for free and testing all features for 30 days. To adjust the settings in your RS2 Shop & Pay account, you must log in to your account. This is not necessary if you already have a contract with us.

    register for free


    complete personal data

    In order to use RS2 Shop & Pay for live payments, you must complete your contact details in the settings under "Company details" and insert your General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

    select payment provider

    In order to receive payments from your customers, you need to select a payment provider. RS2 Shop & Pay offers the possibility to link different payment providers and to offer different payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard according to your wishes.

    Fill in all the details truthfully and completely. In order to receive payments, we must check your details in detail in the course of the Money Laundering Act. Don't forget to upload a photo of your photo ID at the end.

    Please note that not all business models and industries are supported in the standard with RS2 Shop & Pay. If this applies to your company, please contact us to work out a solution together.

    customize look and feel

    Under "Settings > Look & Feel" you can customize your personal RS2 Shop & Pay Checkout according to your wishes. For example, you can upload your logo or design the checkout in your corporate design.

  • How do I test and use Shop and Pay?
    • What tools are available from RS2 Shop & Pay?

      RS2 Shop & Pay is not only a payment provider, but also provides various e-commerce tools:

      1. RS2 Shop & Pay Pages:
        Create your own small webshop in no time. You need neither programming knowledge nor your own website.
      2. RS2 Shop & Pay Paylink:
        Send the payment request via link and enable a smooth payment process for your customers.
      3. RS2 Shop & Pay Invoice:
        Create and send completely digital invoices and save money on sending paper invoices.
      4. RS2 Shop & Pay Shop Plugins:
        Integrate RS2 Shop & Pay as a plugin into your online shop. RS2 Shop & Pay is compatible with all popular shop solutions and CMS.
      5. RS2 Shop & Pay Terminal:
        Mobile terminal for your end devices or as a simple checkout on your website.
      6. RS2 Shop & Pay Donation:
        Collect donations easily and cheaply.
    • How can I integrate RS2 Shop & Pay into my website?

      Integrating RS2 Shop & Pay into your website can be done in a number of ways. You can find out more about this in our documentation for developer.

      view documentation

      1. iFrame (for Pages only):
        view iframe documentation

      2. Modal window (for Pages only):
        ​​​​​​​view modal window documentation

      3. API interface:
        ​​​​​​​view api documentation

      4. Shop plugin:
        ​​​​​​​view shop plugin documentation​​​​​​​

    • How can I test my RS2 Shop and Pay configuration?

      Once you have finished setting up RS2 Shop & Pay, you can test the system. To do this, set the payment provider (if possible) to test (sandbox) mode and make test payments.

      Free test cards or test credit cards are available for the test. After a successful test, don't forget to switch the payment provider to live operation to receive payments from your customers.

      Once you have completed all these steps, you can start receiving money from your customers.

      The RS2 Shop & Pay team wishes you every success and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    • How do I log into my RS2 Shop & Pay account?
      1. go to our website
      2. Click Login in the upper right corner.
      3. use the following information for the login:
        • The email you used when you registered
        • The password we sent you by email after registration

      Note: If you can't find our email, please check your spam folder. Otherwise contact us.

    • In which countries is Shop & Pay available?

      RS2 Shop & Pay can be used worldwide. However, online payment processing is limited to the countries in which the integrated payment providers are active.

    • Do I need a website to use RS2 Shop & Pay?

      No, you do not need your own website to use RS2 Shop & Pay. With RS2 Shop & Pay Pages you can create your own payment page. When registering, you can choose the URL of your payment page (https:// Desired name

      If you already run your own shop with a shop system, you can use our shop plugin to connect the payment.

    • How can I create RS2 Shop & Pay Pages (sales pages)?

      Navigate to Pages -> Overview in your Shop & Pay account. Select "Create":

      You can then select a title and description, set payment information, add products and edit form fields. Under "Advanced settings" you can select and set additional customization options.

      RS2 Shop & Pay Pages is now ready for use.

    • What is 3-D Secure?

      3D secure is a method to increase the security of credit card transactions. The aim is, among other things, to reduce credit card fraud and to protect all parties involved.

      How it works

      After the buyer enters his credit card details and triggers the transaction, a connection to the card issuer is established. The buyer is asked to confirm his identity with a code (two-factor authentication via app or SMS). After correct authentication, the credit card payment is executed.

    • Why was the transaction rejected?

      There are several reasons for a rejected transaction. The most common reasons are:

      1. Transaction not confirmed with 3D secure.
      2. Not enough credit on the card.
      3. Payment was refused by the buyer's bank.
      4. The transaction was assessed as a risk / attempted fraud.
      5. Unknown causes.

      If several payments have been rejected in succession and by different people, please check the status of your payment provider. Especially whether payments are active.

    • Why is PayPal not displayed?

      Due to PayPal's own regulations, this payment method may not be displayed within an iFrame or modal window.

      We cannot influence any changes that may occur.

    • How can I switch to live mode?

      Click on Payment provider in your navigation and select the payment provider you want to set to live mode. Under Details you can then adjust the mode.

    • Why are some payment methods not displayed?

      If some payment types are not displayed, check the following things:

      1. Have you set the payment provider to "visible" in the tool you are using (Donation, Pages, Paylink, etc.)?
      2. Have you selected the logos in your shop plugin?
      3. If you need further clarification, please feel free to contact us.
    • How can I include my logo?

      You can create unlimited payment forms with your own logos.

      To do this, go to the administration interface under "Settings" in the "Look&Feel" submenu and click on edit for the desired profile or create a new profile.

      In edit mode, you can click the "Upload Logo" button.

      You can then choose whether your logo should be square, rectangular or round.

      Make sure you crop your file to the correct size of 200px * 50px and that the file size is no more than 1 megabyte.

    • Have user accounts created for your customers

      You can set in your Shop & Pay account whether a user account should be created for a customer when they make their first payment. If you activate this function, your customer will receive another email with the access data directly after the payment confirmation:

      Your customer can then log into his user account via your shop. There he can, for example, view payments made, or if he makes a subscription payment with you, manage his subscription.

      To enable this functionality:

      Navigate to Settings -> Basic Settings in your Shop & Pay backend.

      There you will find the section "General" at the top.

      Check "Create user account each time you make a payment" to enable this feature.

    • Import and export customer data

      In your RS2 Shop & Pay administration you have the possibility to import or export customer data.

      To do this, navigate to the menu item 'Customers' in the administration.

      There you can export the customer data of your RS2 Shop & Pay customers as a CSV file or import new customer data from an existing CSV file.

    • Activation of 2-factor authentication

      To set up 2-factor authentication in your merchant account, please follow the steps below. You have the option to set up 2-factor authentication either by email or SMS.

      1. In the top right corner of your backend, click on the dropdown list and then click on "My Account".
      2. Click 2-step authentication and select one of the options