RS2 Smart Processing

provides Managed Services to customers.

RS2 Customers whether large or small utilise RS2 Smart Processing for a variety of reasons. Increasingly the world is looking to Managed Services as a business model to efficiently move forward.

Customers utilise Managed Services primarily for reasons associated with one of the following:

  • Reducing operational costs and increasing network and application reliability.
  • Leveraging Managed Services to help manage the complexities of integrating new and legacy technologies across multiple platforms.
  • Accelerating the business through a shift to unified Payments environments while reducing overall risk and realizing full productivity earlier.

Whether it is a Bank rejuvenating its 30 year old legacy payments infrastructure or it is a new processing business both have advantages that they can gain from Managed Services. In the case of the Bank it is a common reality that the IT staff is stretched keeping the legacy infrastructure going and so implementing a new infrastructure carries a risk that either the new or the old will fail. Utilising Managed Services, the Bank can alleviate pressures on its own IT staff and at very low risk achieve fast new business capabilities that can be delivered to market. The legacy infrastructure can then be rejuvenated in an orderly fashion without service interruption risks.

Managed Services from RS2 Smart Processing in simple terms is the ability for Customers to leverage existing streamlined teams of highly skilled and knowledgeable people for their own purpose.

Operationally RS2 Smart Processing is staffed by a leadership and experts team who have operated payment systems for large scale organisations for years and therefore fundamentally know how to deliver an operational mission critical service.

Technology wise the RS2 Smart Processing environments are as you would expect in a world class service. Multi highly resilient data centres run to tier 1 bank standards contain hardware configured to highly scalable secure IBM hybrid service architecture offering normal top service quality service robustness and availability.

The solutions built for customers are targeted towards business and service requirements so each Customer achieves the solutions they need. All solutions are built from the flexible BankWORKS software modules so they benefit from proven software and yet offer flexible solutions.