RS2 Smart Processing – Your payment system operations are in the hands of industry experts!

With efficiency and premium quality at the heart of today’s payment market, the world is looking to Managed Payment Solutions as its new business model. New regulations and the shift of client mentality to focus more on servicing their markets. Businesses are now exploring their previously untapped potential and strategically positioning themselves in the overwhelmingly competitive market.

Whether a large business, SME, Start-up or established, with RS2’s smart processing you can:

• Reduce operational costs
• Increase network and application reliability
• Manage the complexities of incorporating renowned and new technologies across multiple platforms
• Stimulate business by moving to a unified payments environment
• Reduce overall risk and realize full productivity.
• Time to market for implementing new service

What’s more, RS2 offers you a flexible solution which is tailor made to suit your business’ needs. Therefore, put your mind at rest and leave your payment system operations in the hands of industry experts guaranteed to deliver a first-class service.

RS2’s managed service providers have years of experience in operating payment systems for both small and large-scale organisations.

Working with state-of-the-art technology, RS2’s Smart Processing environments include data centres, which boast tier 1 bank standards. These centres contain hardware configured to highly scalable secure IBM hybrid service architecture. All solutions are built using the renowned BankWORKS® software modules which allows a flexible and quality solutions for your business.

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