BankWORKS® Switching and Routing

A state-of-the-art payment solution can make or break a business.

BankWORKS® payment Switching and Routing delivers a strong foundation every payments system needs. This product delivers premium quality every step of the way whatever the circumstance, setting your mind at ease.

BankWORKS® Switching and Routing guarantees:

• transaction integrity
• efficient delivery
• scalability for the largest volumes
• real-time payments & settlement
• flexible switching and routing to all major networks, card associations and processors
• 24/7 support.

Why choose BankWORKS® Switching and Routing?

  • Maximum efficiency, accuracy and dependability

    Adapt or enhance your switching capability without being restricted by hardware, network/host systems, financial products, types of transactions, devices or delivery channels.

  • Comprehensive authorisation functionality

    Each function is tailor made to suit your business’s needs. The product supports a variety of stand-in/offline authorisation configurations functions such as real-time switchover, preserving in-flight transaction integrity.

  • Simple integration

    BankWORKS® Switching and Routing can be easily integrated with devices and protocols, all BankWORKS® modules, all major card schemes, back-end hosts, service providers and any other third party payment providers.

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