BankWORKS® Self Serv

Self-Serv – A Win-Win for Acquirers & Merchants

Everybody is a winner with RS2’s Self Serv. As an acquirer, you can now provide merchants with all the answers they need, along with more power and data. And it doesn’t just stop there; this self-service payment also allows you to grant retailers access to detailed data and in some cases, better their cash flow and payment costs. Additionally, RS2’S Self Serv simplifies admin process enabling you to provide professional reports instantly.

What’s in it for you?

Become your Merchants’ number one support system by processing information faster and more cost effectively. Self Serv reduces risks by resolving potential issues before they turn into a hefty cost.
What’s more, with the numerous opportunities for acquirers to charge for service Add-Ons, you both stand to gain!

  • Saleable Add-Ons


    With the click of a button you can access in-store, online and offline transactions, providing merchants with extensive reports in a matter of seconds. These reports feature: • Overview of all card-based turnover – Enables merchants to plan their business operations more effectively by analysing trends in card types and expenditure. • Graphic visibility of potential trends – Helps retailers identify trends, staffing requirements, potential sales and stock levels • Automation – Allows merchants to obtain the information they need, when they need it and with no hassle, by configuring reports to pre-filter. • Self-Help Efficiency – Provides quick answers for Merchants at any time, from their own reports. A report is a perfect example of an add-on a merchant can purchase from the acquirer, altering the retailer who their most valuable customers are.

  • Reduction of Costs


    Acquirers can benefit greatly by dealing with reversals process online. Wave goodbye to faxing, letter sending and manual processing as information can now be handled faster, and more importantly, more cost-effectively.

  • Risk Reduction


    Potential issues can be resolved before they can cost the merchant and acquirer money by eliminating the manual approach and focusing on handling reversals in a more effective manner.

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