BankWORKS® Issuing

BankWORKS®  Payment Issuing – A fully diverse solution designed by issuers for issuers.

The demand to keep up with the fast changing commercial market is on the rise.

With every new product and solution, comes a variety of customer-spending habits and constraining regulations. RS2’s BankWORKS® Payment Issuing is designed by issuers for issuers and is ready to meet your customer’s needs and expectations.

BankWORKS® Payment Issuing always has a competitive edge, offering a flexible solution that provides virtually unlimited issuing configurations.

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  • Fully Integrated Capabilities

    Through BankWORKS® , new innovative products as well as standard products can be defined, rolled out and tracked real time, using powerful parameters by business product managers.

  • Unlimited Issuing Configurations

    BankWORKS® Issuing also operates across multi-organisations and hierarchies, supporting multi-card types, multi-currencies and languages.

  • Reliability & Flexibility

    RS2’S BankWORKS® Issuing is the software of choice for leading International financial firms. BankWORKS® guarantees advanced and fully integrated card issuing capabilities with almost 30 years of experience and millions of transactions, designed to suit your organisation’s every need.

  • Suitable for end-to-end issuing diversity

    The high-performance solution has a full range of functionality and efficiency, catering for the diverse nature of end-to-end issuing. This includes: • Card Application • Agreements • Workflow • Usage control • Currency exchange • Complex fees calculation • Statementing • Application processing • Multi-accounts / Multi - Card • Debit / Credit / Revolving / Charge • Payroll cards • Cardholder loans / Instalments • Invoicing • Fee calculation • Pre-Paid Products • Loyalty / rewards • Card Production • Pin Management • FX • Usage Control • Workflow

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