BankWORKS® Disputes

BankWORKS ®  Payment Disputes

The amount of Disputes and Chargebacks are on the increase and with them comes ever-changing rules, complexities and costs. Today, the payments services industry needs solid dispute management to ensure customer satisfaction, smooth workflows, reliability and efficiency.

Featuring Automated Dispute processing and monitoring, Queue Management and more, BankWORKS®  guarantees just that. Its powerful rules, workflows and ticket management systems ensure a reliable, secure and easy solution for both customers and staff alike, while limiting costs and maximising claims.

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  • Efficiently Manage Exceptions

    Manage and process your exceptions workflow from start to finish. All cases can be event or schedule driven, fully recorded, and easily accessible.

  • Increase Efficiency with automated rules

    Benefit from a comprehensive rule set by eliminating manual processing. Automated rules processing determines action by analysing incoming transactions. Rules are predefined to determine if and what criteria qualifies per exception.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Reach your organisation’s full potential by allowing BankWORKS® to help you identify dispute patterns, potential problem areas. Learn efficient new business scenarios that can help you to address issues at an early stage.

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