BankWORKS® Acquiring

BankWORKS® Payment Acquiring – Enabling choice, flexibility and efficiency.

Let your customers pay quickly and securely using any payment method of your choice and experience the same customer satisfaction with every touchpoint. With RS2’s payment acquiring service you can meet your customer’s current needs as well as anticipate their future ones, no matter what channel.

Our BankWORKS® Acquiring product supports an impressive range of markets including retail, hospitality, travel, entertainment, health care, insurance and fuel services, ready to deliver and face new challenges in a constantly changing commercial market.

What can BankWORKS® Acquiring do for you?

• Integrate with complex environments
• Feature full transaction function
• Benefit from full support for running an Acquirer to Merchant business
• Experience the same great customer service, no matter the touchpoint
• Create and roll out new innovation to market

Discover all BankWORKS® Acquiring features

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  • An end-to-end Business Solution

    BankWORKS® Acquiring ensures full transaction functionality together with genuine support for running an Acquirer to Merchant business. This includes onboarding, fees, reconciliation & settlement, and Central Acquiring across schemes/borders.

  • Omni-Channel

    The integrated Acquiring & Issuing solution allows organisations to accomplish the omni-channel. Channels include ATM, Kiosk, POS/MPOS, E-commerce, Mobile and MOTO.

  • Future Enabled

    The product holds integrated, flexible and powerful capabilities that allow it to continuously develop and release new features to the market.

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