RS2’s BankWORKS® – The Payments Processing Software of Choice

RS2’s BankWORKS® is the payment processing software used in every region of the world. BankWORKS® enables millions of consumers globally to pay more efficiently and securely than ever before.

The BankWORKS® software is a fully integrated end-to-end solution, offering services from device transaction acquisition to final settlement and ledger integration.

The 5-star software upholds industry standard certifications and protocols and integrates various languages and currencies.

Today’s financial industry demands flexibility. That’s why RS2 offers a variety of products and services to suit your every business need. Opt for a tailor-made License Software and choose from a range of 6 BankWORKS® products or take advantage of BankWORKS® as a Managed Service through RS2’s Smart Processing.

Not sure where to start from? Contact us to discover how RS2’s solutions can fit your business needs.