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Banks, Financial Institutions





Our highly scalable global platform covers a wide range of payment acquiring and issuing services.

We ensure full transaction functionality with full-stack support for running all parts of your payments business.

A single API integration enables your business to process international and local payments covering more than 60,000 interchange programs and over 200 local APMs in addition to all major international payment schemes.

Configure and control your payment solution 
on a single, all-digital platform


Achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability by seamlessly processing gateway requests, swiftly connecting to card networks, and tailoring your switching capabilities to suit your business needs.


  • High performance: 8,000+ TPS
  • Smart routing ensuring high approval rate
  • Stand-in service
  • Online calculation of fees and charges
  • Real-time FX conversion for multicurrency transactions

Payment Gateway

RS2 GlobalConnect Multichannel®
Our secure e-commerce payment gateway RS2 Global Connect Multichannel® lets ISVs, ISOs, PayFacs and merchants integrate with global and local payment services. A single integration through an open RESTful API connects you to over 200 payment methods coupled with access to a global payments network of local and cross-border acquirers.


You have access to a set of advanced business intelligence tools and a consolidated view of all the transactions. that help you drive optimized business decisions. Its robust data security and fraud prevention capabilities tailored by geography and channel enable you to control the costs and burden of regularity compliance.


  • Grow your business: Local acquisition and more than 200 payment methods for many markets, beyond Europe and the USA - via a single API.
  • Partnership: Partner models including white label – customizable to your look and feel.
  • Global support: Optimal support for your international business through RS2 offices in 6 countries across 4 continents.
  • Maximum control: Advanced business intelligence tools for analysis, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Easy integration: Self-service developer portal to create, test and deploy payment enhancements in real-time.

RS2 Global Connect Shop and Pay®

RS2 Global Connect Shop and Pay is the all-round carefree package for your quick start into global e-commerce. Without any programming knowledge in just a few steps – with everything you need to bring your business online.
  • Adaptable design: Local acquisition and more than 200 payment methods for markets beyond Europe and USA – via a single API.
  • Simple: From integrated e-commerce payments to manual entry to telephone orders, all with one solution.
  • Fast implementation: Ready to go within a few minutes, no website required, we take care of the hosting.
  • Secure: Avoid payment delays and bad debts. IT security certified.
    Transparent pricing: With no unwelcome surprises.
  • All payment types: Incl. 3D-Secure credit card payments.

Create and share payment links – via an email, SMS, WhatsApp or via your own social media channels. Your customer lands on your individual payment page, chooses from his preferred payment method and pays. Accepting payments from your customers is now just a link away. Suitable for all types of services, subscriptions and consignments of goods, craftsmen, restaurants, delivery services, hotels, travel providers, authorities, associations that want to collect their membership fees and much more.

In addition, you can enhance your products and services with an integrated shop system and accept payments. You can build your shop in your look & feel just using drag & drop. Fast, easy and safe.

Interchange Optimization

Ensure that your interchange charges are optimal for your business and that you’re avoiding downgrades. Powering unique cross-border processing capabilities: Our interchange optimization covers more than 60,000 global interchange programs and more than 200 local alternative payment methods.


  • Optimized costs
  • Scrutiny of downgrades
  • Identify the best-attainable rates
  • List better rates + failed edits
  • Flexible reporting

Reconciliation + Settlement

Our reconciliation and settlement services reconcile business and manage daily operations efficiently and cost-effectively with reconciliation for all transactions generated, regardless of currency or payment channel


RS2 reconciliation tools provide an automated feed based on the chart of accounts provided by the customer into their general ledger accounting system.


The reconciliation process can be executed multiple times a day since any financial transaction is processed in real-time and GL is instantly generated.


Our platform can also receive third-party transaction feeds, integrate with reconciliation data, and consolidate payment instruction.


The reconciliation tool covers any type of transaction and their status. Real-time data can be exported to PDF, Excel and CSV.


Accounting, general ledger and reporting  A seamless integration to the general ledger provides a full view of profitability and risk. General ledger transaction journals can be used to automatically update the general ledger with all financial activity occurring in BankWORKS® sub-ledger system.


  • Transaction processing
  • Chargebacks and disputes
  • Interchange
  • Card Scheme settlement
  • Alternative Payments
  • Bank statements


  • Identify missing revenues
  • Reduce revenue loss
    + loss exposure
  • Reconcile all payments
  • Automated payable/receivable matching
  • Accurate forecast of account receivables
  • Automated consolidation of multi-national business in one view
  • One statement for all payment methods
  • Fully automated reconciliation feeds into customer general ledger
  • Reconciliation capabilities at business, customer + transaction level
  • Reconciliation across multiple lines of business + locations
  • Mitigate fraud + ensure regulatory compliance


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