Who we are

Über uns

Eine Platform zur Stärkung des globalen Handels

Wir wurden auf einem Leitprinzip gegründet: Zahlungserfahrungen die einfach, innovativ, und besser an Kundschaftsanforderungen gezielte Wertbeständigkeiten geliefert werden.

Wir bei RS2 glauben daran, dass alle ein effizient ablaufendes Geschäft verdienen. Innovation und Simplizität machen uns glücklich. Unser Ziel ist es, jegliche Technik-Barrieren aufzulösen, die Integration und Verwaltung von Zahlungsservices kompliziert machen.

RS2 ist eine sichere Cloud-Serviceplattform für Zahlungen, die schnell zusammenlegbare Bausteine für praktisch jede Art von Zahlungstyp, Währung, oder Gerät anbietet, womit eine End-to-End-Zahlungslösung an Banken, Finanzinstitutionen, PSPs, PayFacs, ISVs, ISOs, und an den Handel zur Verfügung gestellt wird.

RS2's proven track record ...


years of experience


global offices


supported payment methods

16 mln

aggregated merchants

… and delivered high Performance

80 mln

transactions / hour

350 mln

cards issued

Our Values

We respect, We Empower, We Learn, We Collaborate, We Innovate

RS2’s values reflect our objectives internally and externally, our priorities, and the beliefs that show us how we conduct ourselves and carry out business activities. They guide all of us in everything we do and in how we engage with each other and our surroundings.


Listen to Understand

Respect is all about the way we treat the people around us. We promote effective communication through active listening, feedback, and continuous honest communication while we listen to understand.


Drive Our Journey

We give every member skills, resources, autonomy, and every opportunity to build ownership by becoming responsible and accountable for actions. We empower people to take the decisions that render the best product and service for the customer.


Grow and Stay Humble

We learn, mentor, network, and share knowledge for everyone’s growth and success. We remain curious and strive for excellence.


Play as One Team

We focus on delivering value and support each other to work smarter and achieve a common goal. We communicate clearly by being transparent and by keeping things simple.


Simplify Complexity

Business defines us and innovation drives us. We improve continuously in order to push boundaries and make the difference.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsibility Towards Our Environment

We act responsibly towards our customers, partners, shareholders, stakeholders, and employees. We protect our environment and communities in which we operate. We use our resources to undertake different initiatives such as contributing to sustainable development, supporting the community as well as contributing to sports and arts programs. We pursue an inclusive business approach, in which we combine financial objectives with societal and environmental responsibility.

We are committed to supporting the continuous professional development of employees. We encourage open communication and seek to provide our employees with countless opportunities whilst also rewarding creativity and quality performances.

We are dedicated to protecting human rights. We ensure equal opportunities for all our employees and foster a culture of trust and inclusion. We respect diversity and work together hand-in-hand with our employees to create a working environment where everyone can show up as their whole self no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, age, or disability.