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Issuing Software Solutions

The constantly changing demands of customers to pay when, where, and how they choose require innovation and financial dexterity from issuers. RS2 BankWORKS® Issuing Software offers an end-to-end solution that provides virtually unlimited issuing configurations to meet your market goals. The advanced and fully integrated card issuing capabilities give you the flexibility to design, configure new products, modify existing, or manage future payments. It is multi-currency, multi-country, multi-institution, and multi-language and may be easily tailored to manage card products in different countries and for different issuers on one platform.

BankWORKS® is a generic card management system with interfaces for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, CUP, Amex, and many proprietary systems. Certified by all the above organizations and supporting all card brands issued under those organizations. It supports Visa and MasterCard Contactless, Host Cloud Emulation (HCE), and Apple Pay. Loading of issuing interchange can be supported. Additional proprietary card schemes may be set-up by use of the integrated business rules module.

BankWORKS® Issuing can be configured so that multiple cards can access multiple accounts or any other combination. This gives you great flexibility and the ability to adjust and react to market changes quickly and drive market share accordingly. The supported card types are extremely large and incorporate:

  • primary and supplementary cards
  • personal cards including family card functionality
  • corporate cards with n-level hierarchy
  • wallets
  • card product support for
    • credit cards
    • debit cards and deferred debit cards
    • different types of prepaid cards
    • charge cards
    • payroll cards
    • instalment loan cards
    • purchasing cards
    • money transfer cards
    • combo cards
    • dual cards
    • affinity cards and co-branded cards
    • identity cards
    • usage of different plastic types including or virtual cards

Reliability and flexibility

Merchants and payment providers can create a real-time experience through physical, virtual, and tokenized payment cards to ensure the right products and flexibility for your customers.


RS2’s cloud-based API gives developers the control, scale, and insight they need to build their perfect payment experience, without the complexity of legacy issuer processors.

Highly configurable

Utilize innovation to grow your top-line revenue through virtually unlimited configurations. RS2 Issuing operates across multi-organizations and hierarchies, supporting multi-card types, multiple currencies and languages.


Highly parameterised, BankWORKS® Issuing provides complete, automated application and credit scoring processing features to support all the information required to set up new private and corporate clients, contracts and to issue new cards/account card products.


Card / PIN Management and Controls

With BankWORKS® Issuing you can create personal identification numbers (PIN) which are either sequential or random in nature. It also provides different PIN management options. BankWORKS® Issuing is able to generate PIN data for processing by the card company and allows for a PIN mailer to be produced and sent to the required destination.


Instant Issuing

Our instant issuing solution enables you to immadiately issue physical and virtual credit debit cards on site and on demand.


Dispute Management

BankWORKS® Dispute Management System provides the required tools to enable organisations to process exceptions efficiently and correctly, within the stipulated deadlines. This will not only ensure cost cutting and increased revenue but also quality customer service.


Risk and Fraud Management

RS2’s BankWORKS® Acquiring supports payment authorization and message processing that enables real-time electronic payments and switching across networks, devices, and delivery channels. It provides you maximum efficiency, accuracy, and dependability.


Product Accounting

BankWORKS® sub general ledger charts of accounts can be configured at product level to provide the accounting entries required by client general ledger accounting system. An automated general ledger feed to a client accounting system can be provided using BankWORKS®standard general ledger format file based or API or can be customized based on the customers own format.



BankWORKS® Issuing product pricing can be defined at 3 levels.


Clearing and Settlement

Clearing and settlement are integral part to the payment transction cycle. Our solution enables you to settle and reconcile transactions efficiently in any possible scenario. Card Schemes files sent by the schemes are being processed in the system Services Oriented Architecture Processing module that calculates all fees and charges including settlement and generating the cardholder billing.


Instalments / Cardholder Loan

Offer your customers their preffered payment option and boost your issuer revenue. Instalments enable cardholders to split their purchases into easy instalments by offering a flexible credit line.


Loyalty and Rewards

Drive loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle with dynamic rewards programs that target and engage your customers. The The BankWORKS® Loyalty System creates incremental value by enhancing customer relationships through loyalty programs and advanced Customer Relationship Management practices.


Data Analytics

RS2’s BankWORKS® Acquiring supports payment authorization and message processing that enables real-time electronic payments and switching across networks, devices, and delivery channels. It provides you maximum efficiency, accuracy, and dependability.


Foreign Exchange Conversion

An automated application processing feature supporting all your required information to set up the complete variety from a single merchant up to complex merchant hierarchy with an unlimited number of levels incorporating ISO/ PSP relations.