Enabling choice,
and efficiency

Acquiring Software Solutions

Enabling choice, flexibility and efficiency

Let your customers pay quickly and securely using any payment method and enhance the overall customer experience. Consolidate your payments environment and minimize application sprawl by combining transaction functionality together with full-stack support for running all parts of your payments business. Enable omnichannel with ease by combining all payment capabilities into a single platform. Use a partner that always helps you manage the future, and who gives you exactly what your business needs, when you need it.

Whatever sector you operate in, BankWORKS® can be adapted to best suit your business. Let us help you to meet all your business requirements and boost your business with our flexible acquiring software solution.

End-to-end solution

Consolidate your payments environment and minimize application sprawl by combining transaction functionality together with full-stack support for running all parts of your payments business . This includes onboarding, fees, reconciliation & settlement, even cross-border payments.


Enable omnichannel with ease by combining all payments capabilities into a single platform. RS2 serves as a low-code rapid application development platform, which can be utilized to create personalized solutions like point-of-sale, mobile, eCommerce, kiosks, and more.

Preparing for the future

Use a partner that always helps you manage for the future. RS2 holds integrated, flexible and powerful payments technologies that allow us to continuously develop and release new features to market.


An automated application processing feature supporting all your required information to set up the complete variety from a single merchant up to complex merchant hierarchy with an unlimited number of levels incorporating ISO/ PSP relations.


Online Authorisation

RS2’s BankWORKS® Acquiring supports payment authorization and message processing that enables real-time electronic payments and switching across networks, devices, and delivery channels. It provides you maximum efficiency, accuracy, and dependability.


POS Acquiring

BankWORKS® supports a wide range of POSs based on client industries and the size of the client including retail, hospitality, travel. From front-end POS to back-office settlement and reconciliation various transaction types are supported including but not limited to:


E-Commerce Acquiring

BankWORKS® e-Commerce platform provides you with a secure, flexible, and reliable infrastructure for online merchants. It is an customizable all-in-one e-commerce platform that accepts a wide range of payment methods including wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, JB, and more than 180 alternative payments in addition to major card schemes.


ATM Acquiring

Manage your ATMs in real-time with our BankWORKS® Acquiring and facilitate ATM services within a multi-institution and single institution environment supporting cash withdrawals, account transafers, BNA, balance enquiries, mini statements, mobile top-ups, money transfers, bill payment, ticketing services and others.


Dispute Management

Our BankWORKS® dispute management solution allows you to effectively manage and dispute chargebacks at all points of the dispute life cycle from presentment stage up to the conclusion of each case, accurately and on time. Our dispute management state-of-the-art functionalities help to manage intelligent chargeback responses with unmatched efficiency and minimize labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks.


Risk & Fraud Management

Optimize your fraud prevention strategy to identify, assess and threat risk that could potentially affect your business. Our BankWORKS® Risk & Fraud Management enables you to detect, manage and prevent any unusual activities in account or transactions.


Merchant Accounting

BankWORKS® Acquiring generates the internal financial transactions required to both, settle with your merchant any pending credit balances and bill your merchants for any pending debit balances.


Clearing & Settlement

Clearing & Settlement are integral elements to the payment transaction cycle. Since RS2 understands that happy customers translate into healthy profits, it has taken special care in designing and developing a solution that enables you to settle and reconcile transactions efficiently in any possible scenario.



Ensure that all payments are reconciled regardless of sales channel, method of payment, currency or country of origin. BankWORKS® Reconciliation is a comprehensive end-to-end solutions that enables fully automated reconciliation of all transactions across multiple/varies systems and ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory controls.



BankWORKS® Acquiring provides you with flexible pricing options to tailor the merchant pricing based on the size of the customer, type of business, risk profile, jurisdiction, etc. Pricing can be applied for market segments or even individual merchants and be supported as blended and unblended consisting of:


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Offer international customers the choice to pay in their own currency, giving them the benefit of full transparency their spending while in another country. Customers will know exactly or in the currency of the merchant and convert currency into revenue and increase customer satisfaction.


Foreign Exchange Conversion

Strong FX and conversion control increases your profitability. BankWORKS® FX allows exhange rate determination including keeping historical rates with all the parties thereby enabling maximum value to be created.


Instalments & Loans

BankWORKS® offers a range of consumer finance solutions to give consumers flexibility and convenience to pay in their preferred way. BankWORKS®’s Instalment & Loans functionality gives your customers the freedom to buy now and pay later.


Merchant / Partner Portal

BankWORKS® merchant portal bring together all merchant data into one single source of detailed merchant insight. It provides you overview of transactions, chargebacks and other data activity. You can easily access to reports, statistics and other information in real-time.


Statements and Invoices

RS2 delivers consolidated reporting of all payment methods in a single statement and also provides integration to your general ledger accounting system. It details all your payment information, deposits, sales volume and the charges for real-time.