Issuing Processing Solutions

Unlimited issuing flexibility

The constantly changing demands of customers to pay when, where, and how they choose require innovation and financial dexterity from issuers. From virtual pre-paid to an innovative credit, debit and corporate card our Issuing Processing Solutions provide a wide range of issuing products and services. The advanced and fully integrated card issuing capabilities gives you the flexibility to design, configure new products, modify existing, or manage future payments. Our platform is certified by the international cards schemes as well as local and white label schemes. Create and manage the products and services with its API technology.

Reliability and flexibility

Craft new products, modify existing, or manage future payments with quicker time to market. RS2 Issuing Processing solutions gives you great flexibility and the ability to adjust and react to market changes quickly and drive market share accordingly.


RS2’s cloud-based API gives you the control, scale, and insight to build your perfect payment experience, without the complexity of legacy issuer processors.

Highly configurable

Utilize innovation to grow your top-line revenue through virtually unlimited configurations. RS2 Issuing operates across multi-organizations and hierarchies, supporting multi-card types, multiple currencies and languages.

One Platform for Cards and Services

Our platform supports a variety of card products either branded or private label, both virtual and physical in multiple currencies


Card / PIN Management and Controls

Configure your settings of many parameters and procedures for authorization through our card/PIN management options and controls.


Processing, Maintenance and Reporting

All required information to set up private and corporate clients, contracts, and the issuance of card products are supported by BankWORKS® Issuing, providing you with an automated application processing feature. You can choose a standardized or customized workflow for the processing of the applications.


Value Added Services

With value added services offered via RS2, you can increase your revenue, create stickier merchant relationships, and help your merchants unlock the potential of every customer beyond the sale.