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Our omnichannel Processing Solutions

Configure and control your payment solution on one single platform

Our highly scalable, global modern platform covers a wide range of payment acquiring and issuing services from online authorization, reporting, fraud, chargeback, gateway, risk management, and many more. We ensure full transaction functionality together with full-stack support for running all parts of your payments business. Through one single API integration, RS2 enables you to process both international and local payments covering more than 60,000 interchange programs and over 200 local alternative payment methods in addition to the international payment schemes. By integrating with the RS2 platform you can manage your entire payment services such as authorization, onboarding, payment gateway, security and fraud, chargebacks, reconciliation, and settlement as well as optimize your interchange. RS2 Payment Processing Solutions allows you to better focus on what really matters: growing your business.

One global platform

Global state-of-the-art solution and global coverage, instant and real-time payments

API enabled

Single platform with single API integration – one source code for SME’s and large enterprises real-time payments


True omnichannel end-to-end solution covering main payment sources


Configurable by client, region, currency, business type, and channel

Highly scalable

Multilingual, cloud-based solution with no lead time for infrastructure upgrades


Feature-rich, customized white-label solutions



  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase network and application reliability
  • Manage the complexities of incorporating renowned and new technologies across multiple platforms
  • Stimulate business by moving to a unified payments environment
  • Reduce overall risk and realize full productivity
  • Time to market for implementing new service

We’ll work with you to find the best possible solution for your business.

Acquiring Processing Solution

Services on your terms

Choose payment services on your terms, scale new markets, and focus on your business growth and profitability.


Issuing Processing Solution

Unlimited issuing flexibility

Develop, iterate, and launch the commercial-scale payment solutions you need – at unprecedented speed.


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RS2 platform APIs

The RS2 API is built on cutting-edge technologies and standards such as JSON and REST. Our API is designed with simplicity in mind and makes use of predictable resource-oriented URLs, and uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication. The RS2 web services APIs support both C# and Java applications.


RS2 API by developers for developers

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