BankWORKS Processing Performance Beyond Expectations

RS2 wants to offer potential customers running on BankWORKS® payment processing software more options. More importantly, we want to help them run BankWORKS® at larger volumes with a lower total cost of ownership. Therefore, over the summer we carried out a benchmark test on a new hardware and software configuration from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

What we did

Our Technical Department really put the HPE Superdome X through its paces with various BankWORKS® modules. These included acquiring, issuing, clearing & settlement and web services. We used configurations designed to replicate real-life scenarios and were delighted with the results.

The system was processing up to 62 million transactions per hour and switching 8,600 authorisations per second on the HPE Superdome X. The average response time for our web-based user interface was 0.096 seconds, for our merchant portal 0.05 seconds and web services 0.025 seconds. This was a fantastic achievement both in terms of throughput capacity and response times.

Why we did it

There re so many different hardware manufacturers out there, and so many different combinations of hardware and technologies. Our Customers would have invested in their own hardware, and BankWORKS® needs to be able to run across as many of them as possible.

“I believe that there’s no-one better equipped to understand their hardware than the hardware manufacturers themselves,” RS2 adds value in the area of understanding the behaviour of BankWORKS® on different types of hardware to better support customers with their configurations.

We are constantly increasing our knowledge in this area by researching the available hardware and running regular benchmarking exercises to get the most out of BankWORKS®.

HPE Superdome X is built on open platform architecture, supporting standard Linux and Windows. The hardware allows access to a larger number of CPUs, which is particularly important for scalability. We have engineered BankWORKS® to use all the CPU power available by incorporating parallel computing in the system. Running as many processes as possible in parallel across multiple CPUs gives great scalability.

The implications for you

The details of the implications will be the subject of further blogs. But in summary, you now have a new hardware option – BankWORKS® that runs on HPE Superdome X, meaning that you can process larger transactions volumes, faster.

What’s more, the total cost of ownership for HPE Superdome is typically lower when compared to specifically engineered systems, as it continues to give you access to the best-value licenses.  It also creates resource efficiencies. You can mix and match staff from across your organisation, who are familiar with other Linux- and Windows-based systems, to maintain the systems (Proprietary systems may need specialist engineers).

If you’d like to know more about our recent benchmark test, or how we could help your business be faster and more productive, please contact me Godwin Schembri – Chief Technical Officer on